Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Speech 2016 ☃

My claim: there's too much rubbish in the world  

Do you ever see rubbish on the ground and you just can't be  bothered picking it up and you just carry on? Then think about this.       

Every time you litter or don't pick up rubbish it could access the waterways. After it gets into the waterways it could get access the Ocean.  Just imagine a beautiful little hungry turtle inspecting a bright red chip packet. What do you think a hungry sea turtle will do, gracefully swim away? I don't think so. I think that sea turtle would think it was his or her lucky day and try and chew on it.  After a while they could survive or even suffer because they are choking. Imagine how painful that would be for the poor turtle. It isn't  just turtles it is all types of hungry animals like birds, fish and many more innocent animals. 

The rubbish could even clog up the waterways and then we won’t get water, the water could have horrible bacteria in it which could make us very sick and possibly die but hope fully it won't get that bad. If bacteria increases in water we will have to start boiling our water so we don’t get sick which would be really annoying after a while, don’t you think?

 And what about plants like little plant trying to grow and then something like glad wrap or tinfoil coming and covering it and blocking it from the sun and rain I don’t think that that plant will survive much longer do you? 

Rubbish on the ground usually flies up because of the wind and gets stuck in the
trees which isn't good because trees are really important and give oxygen to people and 
without oxygen we can't breath and then we will suffer and die.

So we really need to stop polluting our Earth because we are using this Earth like we 
have another one to go to, and did you know that if 1 billion people used 1 straw per 
day for 750 days they’d have used 750 billion plastic straws that could fill 190,050 
American school buses. That's the same weight as 375,000 African elephants. Just for 
those people who use straws a lot. So start putting rubbish in the bin and while we're at it 
 we might as well plant couple 100 more trees or so too.  Let me leave  you with this 
thought.. if you all picked up one piece of rubbish a day the world would look so much

This is what the world might look like one day( hopefully not)

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