Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Today at discovery I did geoboards.  Geoboards is where you put whole lot of nails all over a piece of wood. It doesn't matter how close or far, it is just make sure that they aren't too close that the loom bands just sit there. You can make a pattern or you can just do it crazy. After you have done that you put loom bands on and make random patterns with the loom bands.Today I worked with Lucy Hale outside on the court on the green seats. I worked really well and I got three and a bit done. I feel like I got a good amount of work done.

A struggle for me was when I was hammering the nails into the wood, it was hard because the nails wouldn't go into the right spot so I would have to pull them out and it was a really big struggle to do that but I did it with a bit of help.

What I've learnt today I learnt that you can make so many different things with nails, wood a hammer and loom bands. 

What is your next step? My next step is to teach others how to make them and to make more designs and more cool patterns. 


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