Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Term one arts reflection

Term one arts  reflection 

Last term we did some very interesting things we did beat I enjoyed putting the performance together( I didn't really enjoyed performing at the end )I also learnt about pulse rhythm and Pumanawatanga Pumanawatanga  means a canoe which we are all in with no exception In term 1 we focused on beat, rhythm, pulse, the vibe, and dynamics. 

A struggle:
A struggle for me was probably performing at the end of the term because I don't like performing in front of
other people because I get nervous and sometimes am not in tune or forget what the next step is but I felt really happy proud and at the start of team one I struggled with discover and getting the nice love heart shape ,

A highlight:
A highlight for me was probably camp I thought camp was a highlight because I really enjoyed tree climbing and mountain biking

My role in our performance was
My role in our performance was Tukutuku panel group our little rhythm was paint tape and peel it off the instrument I played was the mini Tambourine things that were quite loud for such small instrument   . I worked with Lucy Hale, Lucy Sugrue, Liam, Sairusi 

In term one I learnt
In term one I learn about beat I learn there's so many different types of beat eg heart beat  the beat in a song. And a beat to keep things running smoothly 

In the start of term 1 I felt. 
In the start of term 1 I felt Like I didn't really know what to do I was probably unistructural because I knew a little bit about beat rhythm and Pulse know I am at least multistructural because I know two or three types of beat and I know more about rhythm and pulse 

Solo level of thinking 
I thinking I'm at multistructural level because i can identify beat in more than one way eg heart beat, beat in a song and instruments 

My next step I
My next step is to learn more about rhythm and Pulse because I didn't learn as much as I wanted to and then hopefully I will be able to explain all about rhythm and puls


Overall In term one I really struggle with doing this reflection and enjoyed camp because of all of the fun activity  and I learnt about beat.       

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