Sunday, 15 May 2016

Discovery time reflection

Discovery Time  reflection

Today at discovery I made a love heart cushion with Romae and Rosemary in room 13 we were using the sewing machines.

The role I played was learning something new and following instructions.
A strategy I used was asking for help because I was struggling at cut some of the fabric so I had to ask for a little bit of help.

A struggle for me was sewing the love heart cushion because it didn't turn out like what I hoped it would look like and it looked more like a giant oven glove thing or a fat tail fantail.

I used a growth mindset because at one stage I found  it hard to do the sewing because the thread kept coming out which was really frustrating. I displayed a growth mindset because I realized that next time I need to go slower around the corners with the sewing machine so that the corners will look more round instead of pear shaped.
Next Discovery Time I want to show an improvement by trying to sew the heart better.
Overall  I really enjoyed discovery  

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