Monday, 19 October 2015

Adrenaline Forest

Do you love your Dad?  Have you wanted to do some fun things with your Dad … but you couldn’t?  ‘Things’ just got in the way and you missed out on your time together.  When you finally have a moment of fun, the wait is definitely worth it.      
Well I remember a time with my Dad like it was yesterday. It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning and I was looking after my baby sister.  I thought it was just an ordinary day but I was wrong. It was about ten o'clock in the morning when suddenly Dad said “Right everybody, get in the car, we are going for a drive”. So we all jumped in the car not knowing where we were going. After about ten minutes  of driving around we reached a sign saying "Adrenaline Forest this way."

We followed the sign. Then my heart started to pound, I think I had guessed where we were going. Then out of the blue I saw massive trees, they looked like they went into space but I don't think they did. Then I saw big obstacles attached to the trees from one to the other to the other and on and on. There was a big flying fox, the course would stop and then if you kept walking, you would find yourself at the start of the next level.

We parked up in the carpark.  Me and Dad jumped out.  I was smiling from ear to ear, I was about to have the best time of my life, boy was I ready.

First we got a lesson on how to use the harness and I got it way faster than Dad, I even had to help him get it right, but I bet  he would never admit it. Now it was time to get measured. The man said that Dad could go on all of course but I could only go on the first courses because of the height restriction.  We had to put some cotton gloves on so we didn't hurt our hands .

It was time to  ... oh no... it was time to start! I was so scared (times a million). Dad told me I could do it.

I started climbing up the start of obstacle on the first circuit.  It was a simple bridge walk. At first the obstacles were easy but  they got quite hard after a while. One of the obstacles was called ‘The Spider Web’  At this one you had to pull a rope and another rope came back to you.  On the bottom of the rope was a little thing that you put your foot in and then swung off a platform. I had to  grab a big web - like a spider web made of rope.   When I did it I was screaming the whole time because it was so scary.  Dad was pretending he was batman.  ‘Yeah sure Alfred”  I said to him.  He made me laugh.

 Then we did my favourite obstacle of all, it was called ‘The Barrels’ because we had to go upside down in barrels.  I thought it was so fun.  Dad did it before me and loved it but it did hurt his back.

Last and second best was the big flying Fox. We had a special thing for the flying fox.  I went first.  I went super fast down, down, down, until I hit a big mattress tied to a big tree. It sent shivers up my spine, I loved it. Then Dad yelled out that he was coming down.  I needed time to detach myself from the flying fox but he didn’t wait.  I panicked - he was going to ram into me and kill the fun of the day.  As it happened I got my clips off with plenty of time to spare so I didn’t have to worry after all.

As I was sitting at a picnic table watching Dad finish off his adrenaline run, with us enjoying much needed afternoon tea, I thought back about how much fun I’d just had.  I was so happy to have finally had the fun time with my Dad that I’d been waiting for, for months.

It just proves what Mum tells me is always right …. “Good things come to those who wait”.

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