Sunday, 29 March 2015



There I was on the soccer field my hands trembling with fear and excitement because we were doing search+rescue. We started off  doing something called a line search - fun!  A line search is where someone goes and hides and the other people who are there line up so their shoulders are touching.  It was pretty fun to do.

Then we had to make a tent out off a piece of rope and a tarpaulin. We had to collect sticks and rocks too.  We were getting timed.  Well at first me and my team (Lucy, Pierre, Jett, Xavier.c and Me) were arguing but after a while we started to work it out.  Then we tied the rope to two  big trees and put the tarpaulin over the rope. We got some of the rocks and put them at the bottom of the tarpaulin. The instructor shouted ten more minutes to go! Oh no we still need to get lots of sticks to put on the other side of the tent.  So we all sprinted away to get some sticks.   Luckily we got enough sticks and finally made the tent. We were done. I thought we had done a good job.


  1. Well done I love your story. It reminds me of when I did search and rescue.

  2. Wow brooke I love your search + rescue price of writing it really blew my mind