Thursday, 8 September 2016

Discovery time week 8 term 2 

Today at Discovery time I learnt how to unicycle with Rosemary and Lucy Rosemary taught me how to do it because I never have done it before. It was really hard, we worked on the court and outside but then it started to spit so we went outside by room 13.

A struggle for me was learning how to unicycle because it was hard to find the right point of balances and it 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Speech 2016 ☃

My claim: there's too much rubbish in the world  

Do you ever see rubbish on the ground and you just can't be  bothered picking it up and you just carry on? Then think about this.       

Every time you litter or don't pick up rubbish it could access the waterways. After it gets into the waterways it could get access the Ocean.  Just imagine a beautiful little hungry turtle inspecting a bright red chip packet. What do you think a hungry sea turtle will do, gracefully swim away? I don't think so. I think that sea turtle would think it was his or her lucky day and try and chew on it.  After a while they could survive or even suffer because they are choking. Imagine how painful that would be for the poor turtle. It isn't  just turtles it is all types of hungry animals like birds, fish and many more innocent animals. 

The rubbish could even clog up the waterways and then we won’t get water, the water could have horrible bacteria in it which could make us very sick and possibly die but hope fully it won't get that bad. If bacteria increases in water we will have to start boiling our water so we don’t get sick which would be really annoying after a while, don’t you think?

 And what about plants like little plant trying to grow and then something like glad wrap or tinfoil coming and covering it and blocking it from the sun and rain I don’t think that that plant will survive much longer do you? 

Rubbish on the ground usually flies up because of the wind and gets stuck in the
trees which isn't good because trees are really important and give oxygen to people and 
without oxygen we can't breath and then we will suffer and die.

So we really need to stop polluting our Earth because we are using this Earth like we 
have another one to go to, and did you know that if 1 billion people used 1 straw per 
day for 750 days they’d have used 750 billion plastic straws that could fill 190,050 
American school buses. That's the same weight as 375,000 African elephants. Just for 
those people who use straws a lot. So start putting rubbish in the bin and while we're at it 
 we might as well plant couple 100 more trees or so too.  Let me leave  you with this 
thought.. if you all picked up one piece of rubbish a day the world would look so much

This is what the world might look like one day( hopefully not)

Today at discovery I did geoboards.  Geoboards is where you put whole lot of nails all over a piece of wood. It doesn't matter how close or far, it is just make sure that they aren't too close that the loom bands just sit there. You can make a pattern or you can just do it crazy. After you have done that you put loom bands on and make random patterns with the loom bands.Today I worked with Lucy Hale outside on the court on the green seats. I worked really well and I got three and a bit done. I feel like I got a good amount of work done.

A struggle for me was when I was hammering the nails into the wood, it was hard because the nails wouldn't go into the right spot so I would have to pull them out and it was a really big struggle to do that but I did it with a bit of help.

What I've learnt today I learnt that you can make so many different things with nails, wood a hammer and loom bands. 

What is your next step? My next step is to teach others how to make them and to make more designs and more cool patterns. 


Thursday, 30 June 2016

Proud writing

Proud writing
It was a hot sunny day and I went to Adrenaline Forest.  I was so scared because this was my first time going to Adrenaline Forest I was there with my mum my dad and my little sister Paige who is three. But it was just dad and I who did the courses. One of my favourite obstacles was the barrels. The barrels is where you go upside down and crawl through to the end. Mum and Paige were there for support. I felt proud because I completed all the courses that I was tall enough for, even though I felt like giving up at the end. My Limbs were shaking and my heart was pounding because I was really happy to complete the courses.


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Mountain biking

Mountain Biking  

Have you ever judged an activity before you did it because a friend or someone you know has had a bad experience? Because I have and now that I think about it I really shouldn't have.

It was about midday and we'd just got back from going to the cemetery and had some food. I was with my friend Rosemary then the whistle blew, it was time for our next activity. I was so so so nervous it was an activity run by Hamner Camp. 

We all  sat down in a straight line, the teacher shouted next up group one for Mountain biking. We all stood up we walked over like stick soldiers waiting for their next mission.

 I think I was expecting a big lecture but I didn't think it was going to be as long as it was, she would talk and talk and then pause, I thought she was done  but no  she would carry on, finally she stopped, she said go and choose your helmet. I got a bright neon orange helmet. 

Next we got given a bike. Rosemary and most of the others got a  blue, white and black bike but I got a black bike that said dare devil in white  letters. 

It was kind of embarrassing because I was the only one who had that type of bike but it was a good bike. Finally we got to ride the bikes but it was just around the trees on the grass.  We did that about eight or nine times. Finally Jess ok let's go no the track and start the journey.

I was really nervous because my friend Lucy told me she really did not like it because she tripped over a tree root and went over her handlbars and face planted and got two big bruises on her hip. We came to a road, Jess said get off your bike to cross the road which I though was a little bit silly because we were going mountain biking.

We crossed the road and then we finally started biking. So there I was biking through the forest twisting and turning  left and right side to side, then something that made me even more nervous had happened to Jack one of the kids in my group who fell because of the pine needles, when he fell over the handlebar it went into his chest. 

After a while our group came to a stop I heard some words that I really didn't want to hear, she said that it was time for the hills and ditches and at the end there would be a surprise. I was really times a thousand nervous about the surprise because I didn't think it was going to be a very fun surprise. 

When we got to the first ditch they looked really small so I went down at a slow speed and didn't see the little bump. At the bottom of the ditch I didn't see the root until it  was too late it gave me quite a fright but I didn't fall off my bike. Luckily then the next ditch came this time I learnt from my mistake and went at a faster speed and it was quite fun. 

Then I remembered next up was the surprise, a shiver ran down my spine. In my head I was thinking of what it would be, a monster obstacle course or a colossal stream that we would have to bike down until gets deeper and deeper until it was waist deep, but I think I knew I was exaggerating. 

We all came to a stop it was time time for the surprise it was a giant hill it was so big I thought I was going to faint. Marco another boy In my group went first, he was screaming the whole way, he made it without hurting himself ( surprisingly), then Jess told everyone what Marco did we weren't meant to do. 

After a few people had their turn. Now it was my go, I was so nervous then saw the hill from up close it wasn't nearly as big as I thought it was so I went down on the count of three 1 2 3 weeee I had so much fun I was going so fast I started to slow down we came to a stop then we had snack and went back.

I had so much fun so it just goes to show don't judge something because of what someone else said 

My writing reflection:

In my writing I used exaggerating when I said “monster obstacle course or a colossal stream that we would have to bike down until gets deeper and deeper until it was waist deep
Next time I am going to improve by putting other descriptive words and take care when rereading my writing to check for where I put my capital letters.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Term one arts reflection

Term one arts  reflection 

Last term we did some very interesting things we did beat I enjoyed putting the performance together( I didn't really enjoyed performing at the end )I also learnt about pulse rhythm and Pumanawatanga Pumanawatanga  means a canoe which we are all in with no exception In term 1 we focused on beat, rhythm, pulse, the vibe, and dynamics. 

A struggle:
A struggle for me was probably performing at the end of the term because I don't like performing in front of
other people because I get nervous and sometimes am not in tune or forget what the next step is but I felt really happy proud and at the start of team one I struggled with discover and getting the nice love heart shape ,

A highlight:
A highlight for me was probably camp I thought camp was a highlight because I really enjoyed tree climbing and mountain biking

My role in our performance was
My role in our performance was Tukutuku panel group our little rhythm was paint tape and peel it off the instrument I played was the mini Tambourine things that were quite loud for such small instrument   . I worked with Lucy Hale, Lucy Sugrue, Liam, Sairusi 

In term one I learnt
In term one I learn about beat I learn there's so many different types of beat eg heart beat  the beat in a song. And a beat to keep things running smoothly 

In the start of term 1 I felt. 
In the start of term 1 I felt Like I didn't really know what to do I was probably unistructural because I knew a little bit about beat rhythm and Pulse know I am at least multistructural because I know two or three types of beat and I know more about rhythm and pulse 

Solo level of thinking 
I thinking I'm at multistructural level because i can identify beat in more than one way eg heart beat, beat in a song and instruments 

My next step I
My next step is to learn more about rhythm and Pulse because I didn't learn as much as I wanted to and then hopefully I will be able to explain all about rhythm and puls


Overall In term one I really struggle with doing this reflection and enjoyed camp because of all of the fun activity  and I learnt about beat.       

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My special place the beach in Kaikoura

My special place the beach in Kaikoura  

The scaly fish dart away as they see my reflection by the water.

The cold water wraps around my feet as I watch the waves grow.

The bumpy waves rise from the water as they fall to overlap each other.

My heart starts to beat as fast as lightning as the seals slowly creep closer and closer on the rocky shores. 

The waves splash onto the tall pointy rocks as they missed me by a inch. 

I twist my ankle jumping across the rocks and fall into the freezing  cold water.